Do you feel like you’re not in the shape you deserve to be?

Maybe you try and keep up with all the latest health, training and supplement tips but just end up feeling overwhelmed?

Have you bounced between diets, training methods, and are constantly taking the latest magic pill but you still feel confused and lost?

Or perhaps your training is solid, your nutrition is good, but you still want that extra 5% performance? Well you've come to the right place!

Enhancing Performance Through Optimal Health

Operation Abs - November Update

November 05, 2015

Now well past the halfway point, it is time for an update in Mr C's progress. Let's review his body fat levels and and see how his clothes are fitting.

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The Ultimate Guide To Supplements: Should You Supplement And How To Avoid Wasting Your Money

August 30, 2015

Ultimate Guide To SupplementsLove them or hate them, supplements are a big deal. More than $100b is spent on supplements every year. That's a lot of pills! How effective are they? Are we all just paying for expensive pee? And if they are effective, how do we know what to buy. All of these questions have been answered in this comprehensive guide to supplements.

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Operation Abs - Week 7 - The Diet: Lowering Fat & Estrogen Levels

August 21, 2015

High Estrogen Fat loss DietDiet plays a huge role in achieving the ideal body. Every diet should be tailored to the individual. A male with high estrogen levels seeking lower body fat must address the hormone imbalances first. The best way to make this change? Nutrition. This week we look at how someone with high estrogen levels can improve their health & aesthetics through dietary changes.

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Operation Abs - Week 6 - Lab Results - Dealing With High Estrogen

August 13, 2015

Alex Fergus Coaching High Estrogen Testosterone Operation AbsThe results are in! Finally, we have the information to really fine tune Mr C's diet, training and supplement program. How do his lab tests look? Well the results were surprisingly, there is good news and bad news a doctor may say.
Find out what these results mean for Mr C going forward as Operation Abs continues.

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